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Antique Barber box with vintage framed oleograph print box cover. Barber's rustic wood toolbox with original mirror. Size 8 x 5.5 x 3 inch.

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This box is a rare highly collectible find! There has been virtually no major restoration work made to it. so it's in close to original condition. This type of rustic hand crafted box usually has a mirror for the customer to have a look while the barber cuts his hair and perhaps gives him a shave. It may have also served as a cash box to keep coins and bills paid to him by patrons.

Most likely, this barber would have an old chair set up under a tree outdoors near the center of the district or town. He would set up his "stall" every morning & return home in the evening.

The top of the box is made from a framed oleographic print of the goddess Durga in vivid colors. Having this sort of picture on a box would be considered to attract good fortune. This oleograph, although in good condition, apperars to have faded in parts.

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