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Suzanne Drury with 2 Garasia tribal women in Ambaji Gujarat circa 1985

Welcome to our new website India core aesthetic-live with things you love!



We are proud to announce the official launching of our new website: 

It’s been a challenge to get it all together-I will admit! We had a lot of learning to do along 

the way. But I am guessing that’s good for the aging brain cells! 

For those of you who don’t know us at all, a few details might help fill in the blanks: 

We are Canadian small business owners for the last 40 years plus!




My name is Suzanne Shubha Drury- 

Thanks for taking the time to read this & welcome to our new website! This small business has been around for more than 40 years now. (You can tell from our photos :)

I fell madly in love…with India! That’s the short story of how I ended up here.

My first trip to India was in the 70’s & after that I was hooked on the experience.  I sort of lost myself in its other world-liness of sounds & music, sights, colors, scents. It was fantastic!

And that was how I first started collecting Indian art & artifacts. First just for myself, then eventually as a way to earn a living. When I first came back from a trip, I soon discovered that friends and people I came in contact with, had a great appreciation for the things I brought back with me.   




In a way, I built my life around my fascination for India. Whatever I did, going there had to be involved. Initially, I had a gig as a stylist for a clothing manufacturer based in Delhi.

Then in 1980, I opened a small art gallery and custom framing studio in Montreal. My partner in this venture was the love of my life, Roy Adams who is of Indian origin. We have been traveling ever since, revisiting Roy’s cultural heritage and sharing our passion for India

Living with things you really love is important-it nurtures our sense of well being and comfort! Objets d’art, vintage one of a kind pieces & exclusive contemporary designs-they all have a story to tell!


Click to visit now.

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