Vintage Banjara tribal dowry bags-all one of a kind!

Vintage Banjara tribal dowry bags-all one of a kind!

Over the years I have collected wonderful dowry/carry-all bags from different parts of tribal India. They are truly unique and full of whimsical decorations, tassels, silver beads, traditional embroidery fragments and mirrorwork.

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Every bag is unique and a true collectible treasure. However, you can also most certainly use them as handbags and carry-all tote bags.


 This is the opposite side of the first bag viewed above. You can appreciate it from another perspective. So you basically have 2 bags in 1.

You can wear it with either side as the "front" so to speak. It's another look altogether which you can switch up according to your mood or outfit.

You may also want to display your Banjara bag as wall art-when not in use. I have a fine collection that I occasionally rotate from year to year.

Here is another incredible Banjara dowry bag-

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This bag is shown hanging beside a wooden mirror on my living room wall...just to shown how it looks on display as vintage textile wall art!

I love the geometric shape of this unusual tribal bag. The mirror work is stunning!

Here is another close up view! You can clearly see the fine details and texture of the vintage textiles.



 It goes without saying that all this artistic embroidery and stitchery work is done by hand.

It's pretty much an art of the past even now-as India, the world and the lives of women-have all changed so much since my first trips in the late 70's!