Easy organizing with home decor wall hanger hooks.

Easy organizing with home decor wall hanger hooks.

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                                        Set of 4 Botanica wall hanger hooks 



These hooks are so versatile-you will love using them to hang up so many things you use every day! In the kitchen, you can hang up your favorite cups and mugs.



 I hang up my aprons with them and even oven mitts/pot holders. Keeps stuff I need every day on view and easy to grab in a pinch! They are also great for kitchen tools like chef's scissors.

You can also use them in the bathroom for bath towels & even bathrobes & shower caps!


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In this image you can see the size is 2" by 5 inches in height. So it's a nice size to hang a set of 4 easily.



You can do a step down design as above or place them in a straight line formation. This will of course depend on where you are installing them and how much space you want to have between each hook.

Obviously your choice of hanging "format" will depend as well on what you intend to hang on each hook. I love them for mugs & cups. And they are also great for tea towels and bigger bath towels.


 The 3 hooks in the photo above are from my Exclusive Zen Blue collection which you can see in detail by clicking on this link:  Zen Blue collection


 They are super easy to install even for DIY newbies. You will just need 1 screw-I recommend using basic black-available in all local hardware & home renovation stores. Silver or gold screws work well also-depending on your decor.

Try your screw in the hole at the top of the hook to make sure it will fit and grip the sides of the hole. You don't want the hook to swing when you hang a cup or a towel on it. You want the hook firmly fixed to the wall. Depending on your wall, you might want to drill a hole and fit it with a plastic screw "anchor".

Let me know if you have any questions. Custom quantities are available.

If you have a photo of your finished project which you are willing to share-I would love to see it! 

You can reach me at vintageindiaca@gmail.com